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Estate Agents Authority (EAA)


To Celebrate its 20th anniversary and a series of events to be launched

Scope of Services

  • Develop and design the theme, logo, and slogan/tagline for the 20th Anniversary

  • Provide comprehensive services, including Event concept creation, Project management, Award & Event Secretarial Services, Design, Production, and Publicity


A year of celebration events (the Award, Competition, and Anniversary Ceremony) Concept design, planning, and project management.


The Award received 92 applications from 21 companies and invited 15 Judges for the Preliminary selection panel and 6 judges to be the Final Selection panel.


The competition promotion is cover 46 colleges, 177 lecturers/professors, and 42 unions. Advertising on 8 campuses’ Facebook pages, Facebook Advertising reached 194,822 ppl. Received 28 team application.


The Anniversary Cocktail Reception with the TWO awards granting ceremony invited over 200 Guests to celebrate the anniversary.

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