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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

EventPlus​ (referred to as "this site") highly values your personal privacy and asks you to carefully read the following information regarding our privacy protection policy. If you are a minor, you should only use this service (referred to as "the Service") after your parent(s) or guardian(s) have read and understood this policy.

The video content provided on this site represents only my personal experiences and opinions and does not constitute any investment advice. Any actions taken based on this content are at your own risk. Once you provide your personal information to this site, it will be considered that you have accepted this policy.

To ensure your privacy and provide a clear understanding of how this site uses your data, we hereby inform you of the following in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act:


Categories of personal data:

  • C001: Personally identifiable information, including email, applicant's name, and contact phone number (mobile), etc.

  • C011: Personal description, such as user nationality, etc.

  • C061: Current employment status, such as affiliation with a unit/media, etc.

Period of personal data utilization: Until you request to stop using or this site stops providing the Service. Region of personal data utilization: Your personal data will be used in the Taiwan region. Objects and methods of personal data collection: Your personal data will be used for identity verification, providing the Service, and managing website membership. Except for situations involving illegal activities, infringement, violation of the Service terms, or with your consent, this site will not arbitrarily monitor, modify, or provide your personal data to third parties, including sponsored advertisers. Channels for exercising rights by the data subject: You can exercise the following rights through the customer service email:

  1. Inquiry or request for access.

  2. Request for copies.

  3. Request for supplementation or correction.

  4. Request for cessation of collection, processing, or utilization.

  5. Request for deletion.

Impact on the data subject's rights and interests when choosing not to provide personal data: If you fail to provide the data as instructed or if there is a lack of necessary information or if you provide any incorrect or outdated information, it may result in this site's inability to provide you with complete products or services or to respond to your inquiries.

You agree that this site may view or provide your personal data to courts, competent authorities, or third parties who can provide appropriate proof of infringement of their rights in the following circumstances:

  1. By order of laws or judicial administrative agencies.

  2. Necessary for the execution of the Service terms of this website.

  3. To maintain the normal operation and security of the Service system.

  4. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users and third parties.


Privacy Rights of Minors

This site will not collect personal data from individuals under the age of thirteen (13) without the informed and express consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s), as required by local laws or regulations. This site recommends that parents or guardians accompany minors throughout their use of the Service. If you are a minor, please seek the consent of your parent(s) or guardian(s). You may only provide information to this site after obtaining the consent of your parent(s) or guardian(s). Your parent(s) or guardian(s) may revoke any consent given at any time.

Third-Party Links and Services

The Service may provide links to other websites or use services provided by third parties ("Third Parties"). You should be aware that such Third Parties' collection of personal data is unrelated to this site. You should be aware of when you leave the Service and should carefully read and understand the privacy policies applicable to those Third Parties.

Security Measures

This site employs appropriate security measures to prevent the theft, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal data, including internal checks on data collection, storage, processing, and security measures. However, this site cannot guarantee the absolute security of the internet. This site recommends that you create an account and password using a combination of letters and numbers and regularly update your password. Additionally, you should always update your antivirus software and use virus/spyware scanning programs.

Revision of Privacy Policy

This site may revise this policy from time to time. When there are significant changes to this policy, this site will announce the changes on the website or send notifications to the primary email address registered with this site.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this site's privacy policy or data handling practices, or if you wish to file a complaint or provide suggestions regarding potential violations of privacy laws, please contact us through the customer service phone or email.


Contact Information:​


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